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I'm Tom 👋

My disability is that I'm an idiot... Oh, I'm being told that's not my disability, it's just an unfortunate character trait. In that case I guess you could say it's because I had a brain tumour that has left me in a wheelchair and with a few other issues. Fortunately a very clever man was on hand to remove it with minimal damage to the brain stem. It was a Hemangioblastoma, this type of tumour is never cancerous but it may grow and press on surrounding tissues. The severity of mine managed to remain undetected until the neurosurgeon came face to face with it and realised it was essentially inoperable. He gave me 48 hours to live if he didn't try to extract it, but in attempting to extract it, might kill me.

It didn't! But it has left me in a wheelchair. I can get out of the wheelchair to transfer onto a chair/sofa/bed but can not balance and need the support of another person to help me to walk. They end up taking a lot of my weight because if they don't I struggle to move my legs.

I also have Ataxia which affects my nervous system. My arms shake in certain positions or if I'm holding an object like a phone (hence why the videos seem like I'm exaggerating the effect of the cobble stones.) My movement can seem unnatural at times, the left side of my jaw doesn't move very well, I have poor spatial awareness and often might hit my face while gesticulating causing me to flinch elaborately. Oh, and I have speech difficulty. Because of the Ataxia I sound drunk, I can't move my mouth quickly, I can't really change my tone, so my speech is on one monotonous tone.

I have double vision which isn't able to be fixed by having prisms on my glasses lense,so the right lense is frosted, preventing me from seeing through my right eye when wearing my glasses 

I have a wheelchair that was supplied a few years ago by the NHS. It's a manual chair so I can self propel. It's fine for getting around at home and if I do go out it's generally to somewhere with decent access. This wasn't the case in Sorrento. The chair now squeaks and rattles. It has anti-tip wheels on the back that kept bashing my Dad's and Brother's shins in Pompeii. There was also a lot of hills some of which prevented us from going places because it would be too difficult for somebody to push the chair up the hill. I have learnt that next time I go abroad I should rent an electric wheelchair.

I'm forty years old as of 2023. I like football and because of my obsession with Fantasy Premier League I tend to just follow the Premier League now. I used to be a fan of Sheffield Wednesday but have found myself following them less and less to the point that last season when they got promoted to the championship I knew nothing about them... Apart from Barry Bannan.

I like watching films, though I tend to less nowadays because there's so much to watch on TV that's shorter than films. I have a celebrity/film quiz type game thing on quizzygamey.com. It's free to play and if you want to you can become a member for free. There are four games on it currently;


Basically a variation on Guess Who but you can reveal hints and upto five progressively easy progressively unscrambled pictures of a celebrity. The less help you need, the more points you get.

Backwards Lines

A section of speech from a scene of a movie is played. There are three hints per question. Each hint reveals a scrambled picture of the film and a new sound clip. The less help you need, the more points you get. Total transparency, this game is rock hard! I'd be surprised if anybody can get an answer without a clue.


A bunch of hairstyles and/or hats/glasses and/or facial hair are on a bunch of wig stands. Guess who the celebrity is. Need help? Reveal the eyes, nose or mouth. As always the less help you need, the more points you get.

Still Crazy

We've recreated a bunch of movie stills using AI. Can you guess the movie, even though our recreations aren't exact? You can reveal hints and up to two other stills from the movie. You will get less points though.


I've mentioned points a lot because when you join quizzygamey.com you are automatically added to the global league. Your points tally is updated after every question you answer along with your position in the league.


We have a booming page on Facebook at facebook.com/QuizzyGamey. By booming I mean... err... Not booming? Definitely not, it's got 24 likes at the moment. Could you help bump up the numbers?


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