Wheelchair Worries - Before you read on

Before you read on, I want to make it clear I loved Sorrento and I hope to go back there again, but this time I will plan it better. Actually I didn't need the word 'better' at the end of that sentence. It's a fantastic place but if you're in a wheelchair and you don't plan it, hopefully you'll tell others on a blog so they don't make the same mistakes.

My brother and his wife had booked a holiday in Positano followed by five days in Sorrento and asked my Dad and I if we wanted to join them in Sorrento, I think Dad had booked the tickets before they finished asking the question. He booked a wheelchair friendly apartment (DOMINO HOUSE - Il Casale) and booked flights with EasyJet. Flights initially seemed cheaper with British Airways and flew from Manchester Airport which is far closer than EasyJet's flights from Gatwick. Everything seems to be an extra with BA though. 

Would you like to sit down during the flight? Yes? That'll cost ya £50! Would you like breathable air? Yes? £60 please.

We settled for EasyJet. Their tickets were advertised at a tenth of the price we ended up paying after we added BA's extras. Everything seemed to be an extra with EasyJet as well though but their breathable air and seats weren't as expensive, so it was slightly cheaper.


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