Wheelchair Worries - Friday 23rd June 2023

I woke up the next morning and my phone wasn't on charge on the night stand as is usually the case at home, so I asked Dad if he knew where it was, and he didn't. I had an immediate nauseous feeling, my whole life is on that phone. "I can't believe I would have left it somewhere, it's always in my pocket, I never leave it on a table I put it straight back in my pocket." We logged onto Google and using Find My Android saw that it's location was behind the hotel, a few minutes walk away. Dad went to go and see if the taxi we went home in was there. It wasn't so he tried the 'play sound' hoping it would work. It said it was ringing but he couldn't hear anything, he was walking up to parked cars, staring in and listening for a faint sound. Nothing. However the phone that was under my bed was ringing clear as day! I shuffled up the steps on my ass and slid into the bedroom, it had fallen off the night stand onto the floor. It was reporting that it hadn't got any signal so we didn't try to play the sound. There was normally no signal up in the bedroom and the wi-fi couldn't reach it, so it was reporting it's location incorrectly.

Dad came back via the local supermarket Polio and picked up supplies, oh and chocolate! We had breakfast and then late morning ventured into town.

We got our first taste of rolling around Sorrento. Every street is cobbled some more severely than others. They look gorgeous though, exactly how I pictured Italy. I can fully understand why there is no accessibility on the streets because you would have to make modifications and then it would lose its distinctly Italian look. 

However, I don't think there's any excuse for the lack of drop curbs or in some cases there is a drop curb on one side of the road and an inch and a half high curb on the other that you have to pull the wheelchair backwards over because the smaller front wheels can't manage it. Or paths are so narrow you have to walk into oncoming traffic. As we were walking into town there was an elderly couple, the husband was walking next to his wife in a mobility scooter. They reached the drop curb and couldn't go any further because there was a car parked across it and a man in the car reading a paper. When Dad pointed out he was blocking it, he was very apologetic and said he would park somewhere else. This was the attitude I encountered all the time, the people couldn't be nicer but they clearly don't encounter disabled people often and don't consider them.


Later on that day on our way back to the accomodation after some exploring we happened upon Vasame. It was on the outskirts of town, Although it was in a a mini shopping centre. It was in a cul-de-sac with a road that looped around and brought you back out the way you came in. I realise that by saying outskirts of town, I might be giving the impression it's a little hidden gem. Little no. Hidden no. Gem, absolutely!

Now this will shock you, so be warned... I needed the loo. I know! Dad went in and asked if they had a disabled loo and they did! Dad went to investigate and came back with his thumbs up. 

The restaurant was lovely inside, divided into a small bar area and a restaurant. The tables are nicely spaced out, there's plenty of room to wheel through the restaurant, everything is on one level and the floors are smooth. They had a vast range of drinks and by the looks of the restaurant they would have a good menu as well. There were table and chairs directly outside and if you crossed the road there is even more tables.

I went to the loo and I almost passed out with what I found. The disabled toilet was separate from the other toilets, there was enough room for two wheelchairs. I couldn't believe my eyes, there was a retractable guard rail! There was still no toilet seat and my thighs were on fire from yesterdays adventure at Fauno Bar, but it's so much easier when you've got something to hold onto.

I had a BrewDog waiting for me on my return and with an accessible toilet and the freedom to get around on my own we stayed for a few. Adam and Ruth came to join us before they went out for their anniversary dinner. They found Vasame but were puzzled because the lights were off, it looked shut but front door was open. Vasame normally close for a few hours in the afternoon, but they allowed us to stay. As Adam and Ruth had dinner plans we needed to find somewhere to eat, so we did. Here. The pizzas are to die for! The bases are like a light bread I would say. Here is the Tripadvisor page. There isn't one bad review and barely any that don't give it full marks. 


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