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Wheelchair Worries - Thursday 22nd June 2023

Gatwick The flights were departing at six thirty am on Thursday morning from Gatwick so we left home at midnight. It would take us about three hours and twenty minutes to get there and we were required to check in three hours before the flight departed. We anticipated some problems as the original flight we were booked on had been cancelled and we transferred to another plane, our extra leg room seats that we booked had been erased from our booking as well as the fact we were sat either side of the aisle now. There were no problems at Gatwick and check in was very fast as there were no customers yet. There was quite a small queue at security but as I'm in a wheelchair I was able to skip the queue, I was ushered through a gate and was frisked and my chair was dusted down. My leather man bag that had my laptop in and another item that they were suspicious of so it had to go through the scanner. The suspicious item was a deflated haemorrhoid ring... I like to blow it up and stick my f