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Wheelchair Worries - Sunday 25th June

  Vasame Part II Dad and I went back to Vasame for dinner as it seemed like a nice place to eat outside, the disabled loo wasn't a deciding factor. Honest... We ate outside, it was early in the evening, the temperature had dropped to about twenty six degrees and there were hills in the distance. It was hell <- more sarcasm. My Italian experience was mainly about the food. Italian cuisine is my favourite, so I wanted to try Italian pizza ✔ I wanted to try Italian pasta, which I could now  ✔ off my list and I wanted to try an Italian  Tiramisu  ✔

Wheelchair Worries - Friday 23rd June 2023

I woke up the next morning and my phone wasn't on charge on the night stand as is usually the case at home, so I asked Dad if he knew where it was, and he didn't. I had an immediate nauseous feeling, my whole life is on that phone. "I can't believe I would have left it somewhere, it's always in my pocket, I never leave it on a table I put it straight back in my pocket." We logged onto Google and using Find My Android saw that it's location was behind the hotel, a few minutes walk away. Dad went to go and see if the taxi we went home in was there. It wasn't so he tried the 'play sound' hoping it would work. It said it was ringing but he couldn't hear anything, he was walking up to parked cars, staring in and listening for a faint sound. Nothing. However the phone that was under my bed was ringing clear as day! I shuffled up the steps on my ass and slid into the bedroom, it had fallen off the night stand onto the floor. It was reporting that